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Child Safe Standards and Reportable Conduct Scheme Module for NSW Councils

Due to recent legislative Changes related to Child Safety Standards for NSW Local Government, Global Vision has commenced a collaborative process to build a Child Safe Standards and Reportable Conduct Scheme Module for NSW.

Many of our NSW Clients have already provided valuable feedback and have indicated that this will be a huge priority for NSW Councils over the next 12 months.

To create this module, Global Vision is working together with legal teams and a Panel of subject matter experts from the NSW Local Government sector and developing a course specifically for the LG sector in NSW using guidance and resources outlined by the New South Wales Office of the Children’s Guardian.

Some of our NSW Council partners have already opted in to become part of the panel of experts who are collaborating with us to assist in the completion and final review of this e-Learning Module prior to it’s release.

As many of you know, Global Vision already created a comprehensive Child Safe Standards and Reportable Conduct Scheme module targeting Victorian Legislation several years ago. The course eventually formed the focal point of yearly mandatory retraining on the topic for Numerous councils spread all over Victoria. 

We will be looking to accomplish similar results with our NSW Child Safe Standards Course.

If you wish to find out more information or wish to become a part of our panel of Subject matter experts who will be doing the final review of this course prior to it’s release, please don’t hesitate to write to me at or call me on 0432465785.

Code of conduct Module for NSW Councils:

We are releasing separate versions of the Code of Conduct module, each catering to respective states. The course refers to state-based policies and breaks them down to provide a solid guide and training around code of conduct. Clients can link their own internal policy where relevant. We use scenarios throughout the course as a learning tool to review learning points in a different way. We include a section on breaches of the code, reporting misconduct and Workplace expectations. The course includes various types of interactions and like all our compliance courses it ends with an assessment to verify completion and understanding.

We have already released our Code Conduct Module for QLD Councils earlier in the year and this course is already being used by multiple Councils in QLD.

We will be releasing our Code Of Conduct Module for NSW Local Government shortly, and if you wish to stay in the loop or review the content once it’s released, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.