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Are you getting typecast?

I know I am not alone in that I take great care when I hire staff; I conduct multiple interviews, set practical tasks and sometimes undertake personality profiling. I will bring my best ‘people people’ to observe each candidate closely. Like most employers, I have my favourite questions and also like most, they apply irrespective […]

What on earth was he thinking??

“Disgraced former Education Department official facing criminal charges for corruption”. He stole millions of dollars from the state’s schools and spent them on restaurants, wine, parties. And now prison, public humiliation, condemnation and a long career in ruins. What on earth was he thinking? It is easy to dismiss this person as a crook, as […]

Compliance musings as I circumnavigate the bay

I am a pilot. A year ago, I decided I wanted to fly a plane. I did it because I have one leg… people assumed flying wasn’t an option for me. So of course I had to do it. Going back to “school” at the age of fifty has been a learning experience in so […]