Bespoke eLearning Courses


Creators of compelling eLearning for more than a decade

We love to create custom designed eLearning!

Creative challenges? Bring it on! From designing engaging activities for pre-schoolers to guiding trainee medical practitioners through a patient-centred consultation, Global Vision Media has over twenty-four years of experience collaborating with clients to successfully achieve their specific eLearning needs.

Compliance Training

Global Vision Media has created a range of flexible, portable and efficient online compliance training programs. These programs have been built from the ground up in a new HTML framework that allows us to deliver a rich and engaging compliance solution to any device, anywhere. Visit our dedicated site to learn more.

Custom built eLearning

Global Vision Media believes that learner engagement is critical for success. Using proven pedagogical approaches, intuitive interfaces and rich media we ensure that all of our custom built eLearning is both effective and fun. We design and develop customised content for a diverse range of clients including: K-12 education, government departments, health service, corporate, professional and community service organisations.

Learning Portals

Does your business need to make the move to blended learning? Global Vision Media can design and develop a solution scaled to your particular needs, large or small. Not everyone needs the full enterprise solution and we can work with you to identify the best option for your business or organisation.

Off the shelf Courseware

Global Vision Media offers one of the most comprehensive off-the-shelf eLearning libraries in Australia. Specialising in compliance and softskills training, our catalogue of more than 500 courses we can help you meet your compliance and organisational development requirements.

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