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Does your business need to make the move to blended learning? Global Vision Media can design and develop a solution scaled to your particular needs, large or small. Not everyone needs the full enterprise solution and we can work with you to identify the best option for your business or organisation.

Kids Matter

Global Vision Media is currently developing eLearning materials for use in schools that have committed to the implementation of the KidsMatter Primary program that provides a comprehensive whole-school approach to mental health promotion, prevention and early intervention.

Global Vision Media is developing the web interface and the eLearning modules that are used by Action Teams to conduct program sessions with staff and others in their school's community. An on-screen person (an experienced KidsMatter facilitator) works hand-in-hand with a 'live' school Action Team member to run the session.

It's an evolving area of online learning design which involves group learning rather than individual learners. Global Vision Media is proud to be contributing to the evolution of this genre.

KidsMatter Primary was developed in collaboration with beyondblue, the Australian Psychological Society, and the Principals Australia Institute, with funding from the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing and beyondblue.

Western Australian General Practice and Training (WAGPET)

Global Vision Media's work for WAGPET (Western Australian General Practice and Training) has covered a wide range of eLearning projects including the design and creation of a training portal and implementation of their LMS.

This J2EE system includes a unique curriculum viewer that maps individual achievements to either of the two Australian curricula in a graphical way. This is now the basis for ensuring each WA doctor receives sufficiently broad experiences. The artificially intelligent placement system allocates registrars to Medical Practices state-wide. It takes into account capacity, experience, both sides' preferences, and other criteria to derive optimal pairings.

When the trainee undertakes a training round, they use another component of the tool to log and record experiences and the system relates them to curriculum requirements and adds them to the curriculum viewer.

MDA National – Junior Doctor Guidance

The move into blended learning

MDA National was in the position that many professional organisations find themselves in – they wanted to shift into blended learning that included eLearning as a strong component. MDA National's business is the provision of indemnity insurance for medical professionals. In support of this business, MDA National also provides continuing professional development (CPD) for its members.

McCarthy Health Services/Monash University

McCarthy Psychology, together with Monash University, required a training module which would improve dementia care across regional Australia to a Best Practice level. The module needed to achieve a change in each carer's behaviour through the addressing of human centric (soft skill) issues.

Global Vision Media produced a Mentor-driven module featuring Dr Bernie McCarthy, a prominent dementia care lecturer for aged care workers. The module takes the learner through 20 topics – providing guidance, motivation, tips & tricks and important case studies using video presentations.

The effectiveness of the learning design lies in the provision of rich and realistic case study material via video, with the Mentor guiding learners in a very human way through the issues involved and facilitating their debrief after viewing the videos.

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