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NetDimensions Learning is an award-winning, multilingual LMS (Learning Management System) that is designed for the needs of organisations in high consequence industries who are exposed to legal risks through compliance obligations. It is the world's number one choice wherever an organisation needs to find a simple and comprehensive solution to avoid risks associated with legal compliance. To find out why NetDimensions Learning is the number one choice in sectors such as Healthcare, Life Sciences such as Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Transport, Financial Services, Government and Power Utilities, please visit our document archive to find dedicated materials outlining how this LMS caters to each of these sectors.

Learn how NetDimensions Talent Suite can help you run a global business successfully by personalising training, aligning goals, enhancing performance, and managing compliance programs.

Key Benefits of our talent management system software

One of the best-known talent management system software names in Australia, NetDimensions offers the following benefits:

Key Features of our innovative LMS system

One of the preferred learning management systems available online, NetDimensions offers the following key features:


  • Highly personalised learning experience
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Access from any mobile device
  • Integration with career development & planning


  • Access, monitor, review, and update materials any time, anywhere 24x7
  • Centralised knowledge into one system
  • Integrated exam engine for certifications & licensing

Compliance Officers

  • E-signatures, auditing & compliance analytics
  • Over 140 built-in reports & a report wizard
  • Multiple validated software installations within highly - regulated industries


  • Increased organisational interaction and exchange of knowledge
  • Competency-driven employee development
  • Personal dashboard and employee predictive compliance
  • Flexible and efficient approval work flows


  • Sophisticated tracking and reporting
  • Flexibility of system allows for more automation
  • SCORM 1.2/2004 certified and AICC compliant

IT Directors

  • Best-in-class application and infrastructure security
  • Built-in integration options into external systems
  • Open platform with the NetDimensions SDK

If you are searching for an LMS or TMS that helps your organisation to achieve better productivity and efficiency, an online learning management systems comparison will reveal that NetDimensions is your leading choice.

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