SABA Cloud

A truly intelligent solution for talent management


What if your talent management technology got smarter every time you used it? What if it actually made your employees smarter, more productive and better at their jobs every single day? Now it does - Saba Cloud does.

Saba Cloud leverages machine learning to provide intelligent and personalised recommendations to help employees, managers and HR find the information and expertise they need to lead and succeed.

Intelligent learning management

Unmatched in capabilities and easy to implement

Saba Cloud Platform

Saba has a world-class cloud platform based on open technology and content standards, making plugging in other enterprise applications, cloud micro applications, and content fast and easy.

Intelligent Core

Saba's Intelligent Talent Management solution, powered by Saba Cloud has an intelligent core that's made up of a dynamic employee profile and a set of intelligent algorithms that get smarter every time learners engage with the systems.

We call these algorithms, TIM, the Intelligent Mentor™, because they're really designed to help your employees get better at their jobs and even make career suggestions - like a virtual mentor. The reward is personalized recommendations for courses, content and connections that make your employees more productive every day.


Saba Collaboration radically improves teamwork, engagement, and communication so you can accelerate problem-solving, project schedules, and program rollouts. Creating, sharing, and discussing videos and documents; cultivating ideas; real-time meetings; and extensive mobile access significantly raise personal productivity while also improving learning programs and talent management processes such as new hire on-boarding and performance review cycles.


Help your people grow and succeed
  • Personal and relevant recommendations of classes, content and experts
  • Social groups connect learners with each other and the material
Reduce Risk and demonstrate value
  • Simplify and strengthen certification and compliance programs
  • Tie and track learning initiatives directly to business metrics with robust reporting and actionable analytics
Reach more learners, save costs
  • Blend traditional classroom instruction with eLearning, virtual classrooms and recordings
  • Speed knowledge transfer and deepen understanding with communities and discussions


Plan for success by aligning goals
  • Set individual goals that align with manager goals and company strategy
  • Manage progress towards goals on the go, from any mobile device or tablet
Increase employee engagement and feedback
  • Foster a culture of continuous coaching and feedback to elevate performance
  • Recognise everyday excellence through social impressions, leader boards and badges
Intelligent coaching and development
  • Create performance-driven development plans for individuals or teams
  • Machine learning suggests personal recommendations on classes, mentors and relevant content
Simplify performance reviews
  • Configure performance review with calibration, writing assistance and compliance check
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of talent with 360-degree and social feedback
  • Leverage talent and process reports and dashboards to identify areas of focus
Better analytics and process
  • Powerful reports, dashboards and metrics show performance highlights and gaps
  • Leverage data to increase employee engagement and productivity


Effectively manage organisational changes
  • Enable executives and HR to seamlessly lead transitions
  • Securely present proposed plans to the right people
Plan for the future, model various solutions
  • Alter visualisations and current data to design your future organisation
  • Plan for an ageing workforce, M&A and meet a headcount goal with diversity constraints
  • Simultaneously model different scenarios in the same working environment
Apply best practices for seamless transition
  • Leverage best practices in redeployment and reductions in work force
  • Automate transition processes and simplify redundant HR activities
  • Gain real-time visibility, flexibility, off-payroll savings and ensure compliance


Identify and develop top talent
  • Ensure your people are ready for tomorrow's business challenges
Gain comprehensive insight into your workforce
  • Uncover and address talent gaps and departure risks
  • Prioritise efforts based on high-risk positions or lowest bench strength scores
  • Talent dashboard provides scoring and insight into employee readiness
Discover your rock stars and high-potentials
  • Tap into the wisdom of crowds and let employees recognise high achievers
  • Highlight top performers and rising stars with crowd sourced impressions and social analytics
Develop top talent and bench strength
  • Identify candidates for key positions using competency models
  • Empower managers and employees to build personal development plans
Manage succession and empower employees
  • Evaluate employees for leadership positions using talent dashboards
  • Talent pool manager ensures keys positions have appropriate development activities
  • Go beyond 9-box with n-box grids that allow for calibration and side-by-side comparisons


Build your talent pool, source top candidates
  • Leverage machine learning technology to search for great internal and external candidates
  • Tap social networks to find the right candidate - active or passive
  • Easily post your requisitions to external job boards with Saba's pre-configured connectors
Make smarter decisions, collaborate to win top talent
  • Private, collaborative workspaces allow hiring teams to discuss and review candidates
  • Rate and comment on candidates, ensuring a better collaborative interview experience
  • Remove subjectivity from the hiring process by comparing potential hires on an n-box grid
Win top candidates, speed up hiring process
  • High definition, multi-point video interviewing with record and playback capability
  • Anytime, anywhere access with fully featured mobile recruiting application
  • Streamline selection process with custom assessments


Retain your high potentials and stars
  • Identifies at risk employees up front by leveraging machine learning and big data
  • Provides personalised recommendations that improve retention rate and budgeting process
  • Performs retention vs. replacement analysis, providing the hard data needed to justify individual investments
Intelligent compensation budget planning tools
  • Enables top-down, bottom-up or combination approach to budget planning with powerful "what-if" analysis
  • Allows for importing guidelines and/or build complex formulas to design an effective plan aligned with the business strategy
  • Helps easily allocate compensation components within agreed budgets and corporate guidelines
  • Handles complexities of multi-national and multi-currency budgeting and forecasting in a single platform
Intuitive dashboard for managers
  • Empowers line managers to effectively use available budgets for recognizing top performers
  • Helps managers adhere to compensation guidelines while improving visibility
  • Enables better decisions with easy-to-use dashboards and analytics
Smarter analytics and visualisation
  • Reduces the time and cost of the annual cycle
  • Eliminates the risk of non-compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Captures and analyses compensation data for modelling and reporting

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