Video & Audio Communications

Video & Audio Communications

Our roots have always been in communication and helping people obtain and retain knowledge. For twenty years, video and audio production has been a core component of our communications strategies for clients. From 60-second company promos that pack a punch, to powerful documentary-style safety videos, our productions successfully blend substance and style to engage, entertain and inform target audiences.

Commonwealth Games

When staging the biggest public event in Melbourne since the 1956 Olympics, the State Government of Victoria was under enormous pressure to 'sell' its vision to a sceptical media and the general public. Global Vision Media produced a series of spectacular audio/visual presentations that were shown at a number of high-profile media launches in the lead up to the Games.

Combining the very best elements of video production, editing, graphics and animation, these presentations transformed conferences into exciting events and helped generate enthusiasm within the wider community.

DEECD: Linking Learning Videos

For the ministerial launch of the Linking Learning project in 2014, the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development needed a video that captured the spirit and significance of this major Victorian education initiative.

Global Vision Media was selected for the design and development of the 3-minute video. It was an outstanding success at the event and received widespread praise. It was even given its own link in The Australian's reporting of the project.

GVM then spent several weeks filming in regional Victoria to provide each of the participating communities with its own 4 to 5-minutevideo that captured the special nature of the project in its own geographical area.


The Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) selected Global Vision Media to deliver the GPSNet video. The video was to promote GPSNet to the agricultural industry and rural and regional communities. It provided a genuine account of how a landowner's work has improved due to GPSNet technology. The secondary purpose was to attract media attention and to explain to other GPSNet user groups how the system could benefit industry.

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