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Become a Compliance Superhero

Companies in high-consequence industries rank compliance of highest importance. Learn what compliance superpowers you need to succeed.

Make Compliance Easy with your LMS

LMS can play a key role in making your corporate compliance regime more effective and efficient.

Reducing risk in the energy sector

Organisations across the energy industry are faced with numerous challenges. Whether you specialise in petrochemicals, mining, nuclear or green energy, you must be prepared to take a strategic approach to talent management, content and workforce readiness.

Reducing risk in manufacturing

Manufacturing organisations are tasked to meet stringent regulatory requirements and deliver high quality products while maintaining a productive and cost-effective workforce. Rising employee turnover and demanding national and international regulations slow the pace at which manufacturers can innovate and introduce new products. This loss of momentum provides competitors with the opportunity to supply their own offerings.

Reducing risk for the transport sector

Transportation organisations are responsible for tens of millions of travelers every day. Learning and development professionals and compliance officers must ensure that both employees and the external staff of companies that support their business comply with national and international regulations.

Reducing risks for life sciences companies

Life sciences organisations such as pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, medical device manufacturers, and food manufacturers must adhere to the demanding compliance requirements of the regulatory bodies in the various countries where they operate.

Reducing risks in the financial sector

Organisations across the financial services sector including banks, insurance firms and asset management companies are constantly faced with heightened regulations.

Reducing risks for the healthcare sector

Healthcare organisations are faced with intense challenges such as high turnover, budget constraints and a shortage of skilled workers. At the same time, they need to stay focused on their core mission of delivering quality care.

Reducing risks for the public sector

Public sector organisations are challenged by an aging workforce, difficulties in attracting millennials to government jobs, and shrinking budgets. At the same time, they must develop succession plans and learning opportunities to support the government of the future.

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