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I would like to thank all our Council Partners and prospective Council clients who took the time out of their busy schedules to attend our LG online Outdoors kick-off webinar last month.

It was truly valuable to get an insight into your day to day struggles when it comes to indoctrinating mobile and outdoor staff into Council’s ICT systems.

Through the course of the group discussion element of the webinar and subsequent email feedback after the kick-off meeting, it became clear that a lot of councils of varying size, scope and geographical location are all experiencing some surprisingly similar challenges when it comes to getting their mobile and outdoors workers online.

We discussed the case study based on a council in Queensland who had used a rather unique approach when it came to getting their outdoor workers online. They involved their Municipal Library staff to assist where required in training external workers in using technology like computers and iPads and log in to complete training modules as needed.

This approach had the potential to engage a group who can become isolated from other staff, while drawing on the educational skills of this group.

A recap of what was discussed:

The kick-off meeting involved an introductory discussion about the project and a discussion around the identification of key resources that will need to be committed and how to accomplish stakeholder buy-in, in order to get those resources committed.

We also covered the project scope, milestones, intended deliverables and lay down a framework for how the project will work. We touched on the level of participation required to give this project the best chance for success.

It was a valuable experience, being able to “go around the room” and have participating members take a moment to introduce themselves and talk about their motivations behind wanting to get involved.

We walked you through our custom portal for this project and how to set up and account.

The portal will be a space where we will share all our resources designed at assisting participating councils with their project goals and offer the use of a forum for councils who wish to ask questions to us and the group at large to engage group conversations throughout the project and beyond.

The portal will also be the place to access recordings of webinars conducted.

We covered off some Q&A around the end and set the agenda for the coming month.

Agenda for our second webinar for the LG Online Outdoor series:

October being a very busy period for most councils, we have decided to hold the next webinar of this series in November.

Now that we have established the core strategy behind this project and are armed with the feedback from our case study council who enjoyed unprecedented success from adopting this approach, it is time to brainstorm and come up with some “First steps” that will enable our participating members to put forward a business case for adopting a similar approach.

In month 2, we revisit the case study this project was originally based on.

Month 2 will involve a comprehensive look at the local Municipal library for each participating Council and a discussion around the most effective way to get their library staff involved.

We will now map out the involvement for the Municipal library staff.

(The library will essentially serve as a kiosk for supporting mobile and outdoor workers for the dissemination and delivery of digital literacy training for mobile and outdoor staff.)

This will also be a great opportunity to consult without participating councils and get their feedback on the approach they would like to map out in relation to involving their library staff.

One of the most powerful elements of this national campaign is the cohort-like collaboration element of it.

When a range of Councils of varying sizes, organisational structures and comprising diverse community groups come together to work on achieving a common outcome, real “magic” happens.

This will be an opportunity for everyone to swap ideas and strategies and share some of their own.

We will be sending out the invites for our second webinar of the series shortly to be held midway through November.

If you have missed the first one, don’t worry, as it’s not too late at all to still get involved!

Please click here to register your interest to be a part of our next webinar if you are not already registered.

Looking forward to meeting with you all next month!