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Global Vision pioneered updateable eLearning and is the only supplier with the technology to allow you to make changes and add your unique touch with your preferred content and your own policies. Better yet, having us customise a Global Vision compliance course is free of charge, not just once but for as long as you use it.

Technology that lets you add your own content to the course—at no cost

We came up with a unique technology that lets organisations match and link to internal policies with little effort and no cost.

More effective and engaging content

We won our two AITD awards because of deep expertise in effective online education. We create quality content and utilise best practice earning methodology.

Superior technical set-up & support

Our courses are highly responsive for mobile, can run on any SCORM compliant LMS, and we offer strong local support.

Course Details—Modern Slavery

Course Summary

Our Modern Slavery course is designed to equip participants with a thorough understanding of modern slavery. The course highlights the eight types of modern slavery as defined in the Modern Slavery Act 2018, and the specific risk factors that may exist within organisations. Participants will gain insights into their individual responsibilities, their organisations’ obligations under the Act, and the process of preparing a Modern Slavery statement based on seven key criteria.

Target Audience

Our courses are designed to suit front-line employees, whether in office or field roles, with relevant language and scenarios. They are ideal for new employee induction or as refresher training for existing staff, promoting best practices.

Course duration

30 min

Other key features

Engaging video

Our courses engage learners with scenario based videos, providing meaningful learning instead of mere tick box exercises.

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Kept up to date

Global Vision promptly updates courses when legislation changes and periodically updates utilised statistics to maintain currency.

Your LMS or Ours

Load your GVM courses into any standard LMS, and if you don’t have an LMS, we will provide you one free.
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Any Device

GVM courses are fully responsive and automatically redesign themselves for best presentation on any device.

Clear and Concise

Our courses use interactives to prevent text overload. They are specifically designed to work with both office and field employees.

Transparent Pricing

Single all-inclusive fee plus two free updates a year, guaranteed.

No nasty surprises!


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