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We are pleased to announce to all our contacts in Victorian Local Government, that our brand new Code of Conduct Module built specifically for VIC Councils was released last month. 

Over the past 6 months, Global Vision has engaged a very extensive process involving a full panel of Legal and Subject Matter experts from the Sector itself to complete this module and ensure that it is up to date with all recent legislative changes related to Code of Conduct for the state of VIC. 

This course has been designed to assist all Council Staff in Victoria to understand their responsibilities and obligations regarding standards of conduct in the workplace. It covers an introduction into the Model Code for Local Councils in VIC, and highlights the appropriate conduct in relation to conflicts of interest, personal benefits and access to council information and resources.

The module was created in response to recent legislative changes similar to the  release of our Brand New LG 2020 Act – Conflict of Interest Course for VIC Councils last year.  (Please contact us if you would like to know more about the Conflict of Interest Course as well).  

A bit of context:

Global Vision originally started creating LG specific eLearning content for Victorian Councils in partnership with LGPro. All content was created with the help of subject matter experts from within the sector.

We ensured that case studies, terminology, and content are all sector specific.

Even the videos covering case study re-enactments were shot in actual council offices, and the scripts were developed with sector participation.

(Accessibility: Videos are also accessible to individuals with hearing and visual impairments through the use of subtitles and transcripts and exceeds current WCAG requirements).

All content is updated for free each time there is a legislative change.

HR Legal, LGPro’s preferred lawyer keep us updated real time on any major legislative changes which come into effect. Any such changes are incorporated and passed on free of charge to our Council Partners. 

Councils are also able to make changes to any content – images, text, scenarios, assessment questions etc – for free twice each year.

You’re also able to embed your own policy documents directly into the courses.

Each course is mobile responsive and can be completed on any mobile device (to account for outdoor & mobile workers).

The courses can be uploaded to any LMS as a SCORM package.

For a free demo to review this course, please contact me on 0432465785 or email me at