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The case for “Supersizing” L&D Teams

If 2020 taught us anything (and, well, it has had a few lessons)… is to invest in future-ready, tech-savvy Learning and development teams. The pandemic forced many of us to dust off old-school methodologies and catapult swiftly into fresh new learning paradigms including, but not limited to transitioning to digital training. Never has there been […]

The economic case for knowledge sharing

After my post on 70:20:10 at the end of last year, I took a bit of a break from posting to read more research on this area and was struck by the findings of a number of studies that show just how crucial it is to create knowledge sharing cultures. It’s becoming clear that there […]

70:20:10 and how to do it

In recent weeks I’ve spoken about xAPI and in particular how it relates to the idea of 70:20:10. Today I gave a presentation on xAPI and found myself looking at blank faces when I got to that 70:20:10 part. to appreciate xAPI means knowing about 70:20:10 and so I found myself on a 70:20:10 tangent. […]

Are you getting typecast?

I know I am not alone in that I take great care when I hire staff; I conduct multiple interviews, set practical tasks and sometimes undertake personality profiling. I will bring my best ‘people people’ to observe each candidate closely. Like most employers, I have my favourite questions and also like most, they apply irrespective […]

When we invent names for the obvious…

I have been thinking about the term “70:20:10”. The term itself is new and has its origins in a study in 1996 undertaken at the Center for Creative Leadership in North Carolina. In just over twenty years since then, that study has spawned a term to describe the way we learn and an increasing awareness […]