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The case for “Supersizing” L&D Teams

If 2020 taught us anything (and, well, it has had a few lessons)… is to invest in future-ready, tech-savvy Learning and development teams. The pandemic forced many of us to dust off old-school methodologies and catapult swiftly into fresh new learning paradigms including, but not limited to transitioning to digital training. Never has there been […]

This is going to be fun…

We’ve all heard the (apocryphal) Chinese curse ‘May he live in interesting times.‘ It doesn’t get a lot more “interesting” than 2020 does it? Covid-19 has turned the work on its head in just a few short weeks. According to Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, “We will be living with this virus for at least […]

The trainer’s duty in a pandemic

The world’s never the same after a pandemic. After the black death killed half the population of Europe, peasants learned new skills to allow them to replace deceased workers and escaped serfdom forever. The 1918 “Spanish ‘Flu” led to the creation of the WHO – a worldwide coordinated approach to improving health.  There is a […]

Scenario-based learning – a quick guide

As a former lecturer, I say this with a degree of sheepishness but I hate being lectured to! I want my learning to be individual and fill me with curiosity. It should allow me to explore, collaborate, discuss. When I design eLearning and professional training, I always try to remember that – to treat others as […]