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“Shovelware”? Or Reflowable Content?

When it comes to choosing the right Authoring tool, there are many choices available to Learning Designers today. There are a fair few authoring tools in the market we all know about.And I am sure there are many more we probably never even heard of! Most learning designers I know are not what I would […]

Using Audio and Video – show, don’t tell

As it happens, I’m one of the 10% of the population wired from birth to experience the world differently from most. Certainly I’m not wired like you if you have a “mind’s eye”. I keep it to myself. If I tell people I can’t picture my wife of 30 years they look at me in […]

An ethical framework for learning analytics

Judging from the ATD conference agenda, more people thinking about Learning Data. That’s a great thing. As we see from the topics there, we’re on the cusp of doing some really exciting things with it. Already I’m seeing people achieving some really laterally-minded objectives. I’ve heard one team looking at how to forecast whether a […]

This is going to be fun…

We’ve all heard the (apocryphal) Chinese curse ‘May he live in interesting times.‘ It doesn’t get a lot more “interesting” than 2020 does it? Covid-19 has turned the work on its head in just a few short weeks. According to Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, “We will be living with this virus for at least […]

The trainer’s duty in a pandemic

The world’s never the same after a pandemic. After the black death killed half the population of Europe, peasants learned new skills to allow them to replace deceased workers and escaped serfdom forever. The 1918 “Spanish ‘Flu” led to the creation of the WHO – a worldwide coordinated approach to improving health.  There is a […]

The lazy training genius

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” (Thomas Edison) Over time, we L&D professionals accumulate significant amounts of legacy content. We know this content needs periodic updating. The updating process may initially seem like a drag. But it can also be seen as an opportunity to […]

Design Thinking (and a puzzle)

A lot has been said about design thinking recently, and a lot of it’s really really technical. That strikes me as ironic when design thinking is supposed to teach us to do the opposite of being geeks! Like all fashionable terms, it’s nothing new. Like so many other exciting ides, you will know you have […]

Engagement – a case study (with tricks)

About fifteen years ago I was asked to help redesign a CPD program. As you always should, we started by getting to know our audience and we learned as much as we could about the profession and its workers. One thing that was clear was that the people involved were good. I mean really good. […]

It’s not the online medium that’s the problem, it’s the attitude!

Ultimately all education and training is about knowledge transfer. Part of this is the movement of information from one party to another but knowledge is far more than information. Knowledge is about curation, assimilation and application of information to enable appropriate action within a specific context. The traditional art of knowledge transfer is teaching and […]