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Embracing Skill-Based Staff Strategies: Unlocking the True Potential of Your Organisation

In the rapidly evolving landscape of business, the success of an organisation hinges on its ability to adapt, innovate, and stay ahead of the curve. Traditional role-based staff strategies have long been the norm, but increasingly leaders are embracing a shift towards skill-based staff strategies. This paradigm shift not only addresses the current challenges but […]

The case for “Supersizing” L&D Teams

If 2020 taught us anything (and, well, it has had a few lessons)… is to invest in future-ready, tech-savvy Learning and development teams. The pandemic forced many of us to dust off old-school methodologies and catapult swiftly into fresh new learning paradigms including, but not limited to transitioning to digital training. Never has there been […]

An ethical framework for learning analytics

Judging from the ATD conference agenda, more people thinking about Learning Data. That’s a great thing. As we see from the topics there, we’re on the cusp of doing some really exciting things with it. Already I’m seeing people achieving some really laterally-minded objectives. I’ve heard one team looking at how to forecast whether a […]

SCORM 2004 flopped. xAPI won’t.

eLearning courses have multiple standards to choose from for sending results. And despite that, the oldest of the standards above (SCORM1.2) still dominates. a full 75% of course developers don’t bother with SCORM 2004 at all, and of those that to, 97% use SCORM 2004 on only on a technicality – using SCORM 2004 to […]

Learning Cultures – an accountant’s view

Deloitte Global’s 2019 survey of Human Capital Trends was pretty stark – 86% of respondents believe that in the face of rapid change in the workplace, they must reinvent their ability to learn. However only 50% of those respondents reported that their L&D department was evolving rapidly and 14% said it was too slow. Just […]

Gotta love trainers’ ingenuity!

I have to take my hat off to everyone who just completed the latest xAPI Cohort – all 650 of them! They spent 3 months “together” online for an hour a week from all over the world and learned every aspect of xAPI. What I loved most was the ingenious projects the “teams” undertook. It […]

xAPI in the real world part 2

Last week I gave some practical examples of xAPI in use. It was really well received so I thought I’d offer some more this week. This one is by GVM’s xAPI collaborators and is timely – it’s launching this week to a national Audience across the USA. (Go team!) The USA’s Department of Health chose […]

xAPI in the real world

This week I was asked why anyone would use xAPI. I’d just finished explaining that: At which point I’d lost my practically minded colleague in  fog of esoteric data analytics. In part for his benefit, not to mention that of my broader audience, I thought I’d better provide a case study or two showing that […]

Is xAPI right for me?

I am often asked whether our organisation has xAPI capability as part of a requirement for us to be engaged and when I confirm that it does, I’m then asked “so what is xAPI?” It’s a slightly funny situation I must say… Do you have it? Oh good. Err… what is it? With this blog […]

xAPI is NOT the new SCORM

I was recently reviewing a tender for an LMS. In it, was a question that does not have an answer. Pity the poor vendors attempting to respond! That question was premised on a complete misunderstanding of xAPI. – “Is the LMS  both SCORM and xAPI” compatible. Well… no. I have heard this a bit and it […]